Making Brazil Happen!

Wondering what you can do with an LMS ‘Dean’s International Engagement Travel Bursary’? Well, why not read about what Josh got up to in Brazil this summer. Josh graduated earlier this year with a 1st class honours degree in Environmental Management and went onto have an amazing time in Brazil. 

Read on and be Inspired! If you are, why not start writing your application for funding to help make that life changing opportunity happen. So, without further ado, here is Josh’s story…


A couple of months ago I graduated from the University of Hertfordshire (UH), after three years of study and a year in industry. To build upon this solid foundation, I chose to apply for a three week summer programme in Brazil, which was hosted by the International Business School Americas and Universidade Paulista. The programme focused on ‘Strategic Marketing in Emerging Countries’. With the aid of a ‘Dean’s International Travel Engagement Bursary’ I was able to attend the programme, which also coincided with the Olympics!

1Cheering on team GB’s women’s Hockey team in Rio!

The programme was based in Brazil’s financial capital São Paulo, with lectures running from Monday to Thursday, with each day bringing a new and engaging topic. Topics included: global marketing, sustainability, and the decisions businesses make when choosing how, when and where to expand their markets. This experience enabled me to increase my intellectual breadth and employability, particularly as the programme served to boost my understanding of the role multi-nationals and local businesses play in developing an emerging country’s economy.

The programme also acted as a fantastic opportunity to meet new people from around the world, with my cohort having representatives from 18 different countries, with 10 different languages being spoken! It was a privilege to spend time with them learning about their past experiences and passing on my own. This certainly opened my eyes and increased my global awareness. In particular, it was fascinating to hear international views on ‘Brexit’, and how this was shaping peoples perceptions of  the UK.

2August 2016 cohort for ‘Strategic Marketing in Emerging Countries’ – Brazil

Travelling to Brazil, and being part of such an amazing programme, was a steep learning curve even before I left,with me having to plan the logistics of the trip including: flights, vaccinations, accommodation and of course the activities in my free time! However, I wouldn’t have had it any other way because my time there was simply brilliant. I made some fantastic friends, sharing some incredible moments  like playing football with locals on the beaches of Santos; visiting the Cristo Redentor, and enjoying the local food.

Brazil acted as the perfect sign off to my undergraduate studies, with the travel bursary serving to illustrate the support offered by the University of Hertfordshire to its students to do something different. So if you want to do something different, I would actively encourage you to seek similar opportunities, apply for a travel bursary, and go explore!

Written by Joshua Ward.


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